Bluetooth Hearing Aid App Makes Hearing Better

Beltone offers Tech Friendly Hearing Devices

Traditional hearing aids, where the hearing device rests inside the ear, can make it difficult to use modern technological devices. Ear buds and hands-free phone devices need to be housed inside the ear too, and only one thing can be used at a time. Beltone and Bluetooth can work together for a more seamless audio experience, so ask the experts at Beltone of Iowa what might work for you. With the advent of wireless Bluetooth hearing aid apps, and its wireless device connectivity abilities, there is hope for those who want to be able to use their technology without sacrificing their improved hearing. Bluetooth is a wireless communication platform that coordinates the transfer of data between electronic devices. Using radio waves set at a high frequency that transmit data without security risks or interference, Bluetooth technology is useful in mobile phones, computers, tablets, music players and televisions, as just a few examples.

Bluetooth can be paired with hearing aids

It is now possible for a hearing impaired person wearing a wireless hearing aid in combination with Bluetooth technology, to connect with personal electronic devices and stream signals directly to their hearing aid. This virtually makes a hearing aid a headset useable for phones, MP3 players, tablets and more, without the distracting feedback a traditional hearing aid would generate in combination with other electronic devices. Bluetooth technology is useful for those who wear hearing aids through pairing with either a streamer and then to a variety of external devices or directly to an Apple device so the hearing aid can pick up the Bluetooth signal from your device and send it to your hearing aid.

Streaming Right through Your Beltone Hearing Aid

Using a streamer, or streaming device, is one option for how to take advantage of Bluetooth technology. This is an additional device that you can carry, allowing you to access a cell phone or other mobile digital devices to stream an audio signal. This streamed signal can then be shaped and amplified to match the personalized hearing aid settings. Multiple devices may be used at one time paired to one streamer, making it easy to switch between the different devices. You may be able to connect to your cell phone while streaming a movie from a tablet device. The streamer has the ability to pause or interrupt the audio from the tablet so the audio signal from the incoming call may be heard.

Apple Compatible Products (MFI)

Along with Bluetooth technology, Beltone also offers new technology that syncs with Apple Inc. products which are iOS-compatible hearing-aids. These devices are hearing aids that achieve a wireless connection with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch media players. Not only is Bluetooth technology used for these products, but Apple has refined the products to boost their audio quality while keeping the hearing aid’s batteries from being drained too quickly. These Apple devices can help a hearing aid perform at top quality during different scenarios. With an app the hearing aid can be fine-tuned to sound the best to each particular person, and can also create noise filter presets for a variety of environments with a variety of noise levels such as in a car or a restaurant.

There’s an App for Apple Too!

There is also an app that can be downloaded that “remembers” places that the hearing aid user visits frequently, and can switch to the preferred settings when that place is automatically activated by a location it recognizes. Without Bluetooth wireless technology, no synching of devices would be available. Bluetooth is the gateway to a number of uses never thought of before. The downfall is that the battery of a hearing aid is simply not powerful enough to support all the uses Bluetooth offers for long periods of time. For now, Bluetooth technology can be better utilized with a gateway device that uses a low-power wireless protocol to communicate with the hearing aid device. Luckily Bluetooth technology is an electronics industry standard. Bluetooth hearing aids are not unique to one particular hearing aid manufacturer or product, so the uniformity works across all electronic devices.

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