Cheap Hearing versus Better Hearing

Cheap Hearing Aids vs Better Hearing

I get asked all the time, “Why shouldn’t I just buy cheap warehouse or online hearing aids?” Google cheap hearing aids and you get over 1 million results to choose from.

Cheaper generally means NO service, NO face to face contact and you struggling to explain the sounds or issues you are having with your hearing/hearing aid.  Or even worse spending money on a hearing device you didn’t even need in the first place. Don’t assume you have a hearing loss without having a professional hearing assessment done. Many times it is just excess wax causing reduced hearing.

Beltone of Iowa provides a FREE Hearing assessment and our state licensed Hearing Care Professionals will go over the results with you. If you have hearing loss, you will be able to try the hearing aids on in the office and hear a difference right away.

Someone to help along the way

When buying a hearing aid the key to customer satisfaction is having someone help you get use to better hearing. This usually requires an adaptation period from a few weeks to a few months depending on how long you have had hearing loss.  At Beltone of Iowa our highly trained Hearing Care Practitioners will help you through this adaptation period. We have a wide variety of models and can help the user select the best one for his or her hearing loss. We have hearing aids and payment programs to meet all budgets. As with vision loss, no two individuals’ hearing losses are exactly the same.

If a hearing device is not needed then you will be informed and have a baseline hearing test to compare to. After age 55 it is recommended that all adults have an annual hearing test just as they have an annual physical to make sure their health stays in good standing.

Newer Technology

Over the last 75 years hearing aids have advanced in technology so that only highly trained individuals such as Hearing Care Professionals and Audiologists know all the ins and outs of making specific adjustments to your aids, which will in turn improve your hearing at a much higher degree. We also create in-office demonstrations with different scenarios that could and will happen in your everyday life. Not something that can be recreated when you shop online.

Cheaper often means an older model, outdated technology and sometimes poorly made devices. A one size fits all mentality. This will limit your ability to hear better and to have specific adjustments made.

New technology has made it possible for IPhone and Android phone users to be able to make adjustments discretely to their hearing aids with apps available for download. Older style hearing aids only work on an analog basis and will not filter out background noise, and in some cases actually amplify the background noise drowning out the conversation you are trying to have with your companion. If you are at all familiar with analog TV and the switch a few years back to all digital TV you understand the basis behind an analog hearing aid and a digital hearing aid.

Clearer crisper sound, less feedback and the ability for aids to “speak” to one another allowing adjustments to be made automatically to both aids. Blue tooth capability now allows for music and TV to be streamed to your hearing aids as well, allowing you to adjust the volume for yourself while not being too loud for other viewers. Analog hearing aids also do not detect between types of sound, causing all sound to be amplified and losing the ability to understand spoken word due to background noise.

Adjusting to better hearing

Adjusting to better hearing after possibly years of reduced hearing not only takes adjustment to wearing hearing aids, it also takes mental and emotional adjustment. Accepting that you have a hearing loss is much like accepting any kind of loss. There are steps to adjusting. One on one professional help in making adjustments to the aid is needed. We also allow for you to have time to ask questions and receive personal care and training on how to care for and operate your hearing aid.

We want you to have the best possible experience in hearing better. Personal care also allows for additional options in your hearing correction. If the hearing aids require a mold to be made of your ear canal, this is not something that can be done on your own without possible damage to your ear drum and or ear. It should be a pain free experience and handled only by a trained professional. Some losses require a mold in addition to the aid for clearer sound. These molds should not rub or make sores on your ears and should be comfortable to wear all day.

Not all hearing loss is the same and each individual’s loss will vary just as each person’s eyesight varies. Not everyone wears the same style and prescription of glasses. If you want to be able to read or watch TV you want glasses that correct your vision. Your hearing is just as important.

Meet with a Beltone of Iowa Hearing Care Professional, receive a FREE Hearing Assessment and discuss your outcome. We are “hear” for you and will do our best to answer all of your questions.

Suggestions for your first appointment

Beltone of Iowa suggests that you write down any questions you may have ahead of time and bring your spouse or loved one with you to help with getting your questions answered. You will receive a lot of information at your assessment and having a second set of ears to hear it all will help in the decision process.

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