Five Ways to Get Someone to Take a Hearing Test

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Five Ways to Get Someone to Take a Hearing Test


Hearing loss can be a touchy issue, especially if you push the wrong buttons talking about it. Suffering a hearing loss is like any other significant loss. People go through many of the same grieving steps like denial and anger. But there are ways to convince someone they need to get their hearing checked. Some are more direct than others. Beltone of Iowa shares five ways to get someone to take a hearing test.


  • Offer to go with them. Seriously, it’s now recommended that people over the age of 50 get tested once a year. If someone you care about needs a test but doesn’t want to go, offer to go with them. It might make your loved one feel more comfortable having you there.


  • Be kind. Some people think they can get someone to have their hearing tested by pointing out the other person’s hearing weaknesses. Or worse yet, by talking really loudly to the person. The old saying, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” comes to mind. Be kind; put yourself in the other person’s shoes. That being said, don’t be an enabler, either. If you meet every demand to “speak up” or “slow down”, the other person loses any incentive to seek treatment.


  • A lot of people fear that a hearing aid will be embarrassing. There are several prominent people who suffer from hearing loss. Halle Berry, Jodie Foster, Whoopi Goldberg, William Shatner and many more people cope with hearing loss. Maybe the person you’re trying to help admires someone who uses hearing aids to better hear the world around them. It’s worth a try.


  • Be optimistic about the positive changes hearing aids can make. It’s estimated 95% of all hearing issues can be helped with hearing aids. Those are great odds and the first step is a hearing test.


  • Seek out support from other people who have noticed the problem. People are more likely to make a change if they hear the same feedback from different people.


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Finally, when in doubt, play the free card. Beltone of Iowa provides FREE Screenings and they have locations across eastern Iowa and up into Wisconsin. Start by taking our convenient online hearing quiz. To learn more about screening location at Beltone of Iowa, check out our locations page. Then call Beltone of Iowa to schedule at a location near you.


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