Hearing Aids May Cure Some People’s Depression

Treat Hearing Loss for Better Mental Health

Imagine not being able to hear the sound of nature, the voices of your children and grandchildren, your favorite songs from the past. Maybe you struggle with this yourself, or maybe you know somebody who does and have not thought about the repercussions of hearing loss. There is often a link between hearing loss in older adults and depression, and the answer may be as simple as getting a hearing aid. People with hearing loss who use hearing aids often have fewer depressive symptoms, greater social engagement, and improved quality of life, according to studies.

Get A Free Hearing Test and Combat Depression

You may already know you have a hearing problem, or you may not be sure if it is “bad enough” for hearing aids to make much of a difference. If you suspect you may be suffering from hearing loss, take the quick online hearing test at http://us.beltonehearingtest.com/?id=27  and then call Beltone of Iowa for your FREE Hearing Consultation at 800-999-1391.

Today, more than 5 percent of the world’s population has disabling hearing – that’s 360,000,000 people. Hearing loss is not secluded to just older adults – it is all encompassing and can affect people of all ages. Unfortunately, the associated emotional and mental health issues that come with it are also non-discriminatory. A 2014 study showed that hearing loss is associated with the risk of depression in adults of all ages, but is most pronounced in younger adults, from 18 to 69 years of age. Good news though! No matter what the cause of hearing loss, whether it is age, exposure to noise, use of medications, or damage from ear infections, hearing aids can help in most cases.

Mental Health-Minded Reasons to Get Your Hearing Tested

Getting a hearing test and using high quality, professionally fitted hearing aids, like those offered at Beltone of Iowa, is an important way for people with hearing loss to safeguard their mental health and quality of life. Here are some reasons from www.BetterHearing.org:

  1. Ignoring hearing loss hurts quality of life. Research shows that when left unaddressed, hearing loss is frequently associated with other physical, mental, and emotional health issues that diminish quality of life. Depression, withdrawal from social situations, a lessened ability to cope, and reduced overall psychological health are just some of the conditions associated with unaddressed hearing loss.
  2. Addressing hearing loss boosts mood. People with untreated hearing loss often feel angry, frustrated, anxious, isolated, and depressed. But research shows that when they use hearing aids, their mental health often rallies. Many regain emotional stability, become more socially engaged, feel a greater sense of safety and independence, and see a general improvement in their overall quality of life.
  3. Using hearing aids can help bolster self-confidence. Research shows that when people with hearing loss use hearing aids, many feel more in control of their lives and less self-critical. One Better Hearing Institute study found that the majority of people with mild and severe hearing loss felt better about themselves and life overall as a result of using hearing aids.
  4. Good communication enriches relationships and social support. Healthy relationships rest largely on good communication. In one Better Hearing Institute study, nearly 70% of participants reported improvements in their ability to communicate effectively in most situations because of their hearing aid use. More than half said using hearing aids improved their relationships at home, their social lives, and their ability to join in groups. Many even saw improvements in their romance.
  5. Today’s hearing aids are better than ever and virtually invisible. Dramatic new technological advances have revolutionized hearing aids in recent years. Many are virtually invisible, sitting discreetly and comfortably inside the ear canal. Some are even water resistant. Best of all, they’re wireless. That means they’re able to stream sound from smartphones, home entertainment systems, and other electronics directly into your hearing aid(s) at volumes just right for you. Simply, today’s hearing aids help people of all ages maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

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