Hearing Aids Then and Now!

Beltone Hearing Aids Beltone of Iowa in Cedar Rapids

Think Tiny. Think Big

In a culture where people tend to “think big,” it’s ironic that one of the most exciting developments in hearing aids is actually a “little” deal. Like everything else, hearing aids have been impacted by digital technology. To really appreciate the newest hearing aids, it helps to look back. When Beltone started selling hearing aids in the 1940s, it was a new industry. Its Model-H™ hearing aid was revolutionary. But few people today would even consider lugging around a battery and amplifier in order to hear well.


Beltone’s Model H™ hearing aid went on sale in 1940 in Chicago.



Later in the decade, a one-piece unit was introduced that connected to the earpiece with wire. It was a better option, but the best was yet to come.











Today, there are different types of hearing aids, including BTE – behind the ear and ITE-in the ear. Their use varies according to the needs and preferences of the patient as well as the Hearing Care Practitioner’s advice.

Beltone Hearing Aids Beltone of Iowa in Cedar Rapids



Think even tinier

The latest Beltone innovation is so tiny, it’s practically invisible inside your ear canal. That’s an important competitive advantage on several levels. Many people who need a hearing aid won’t get one because they don’t want people to know they wear one. Personal vanity might not seem like a reason to get help, but its human nature to want to look young.

Enter the micro-Invisa. It uses an advanced digital chip to create superior sound quality. Best of all, it assesses your surroundings, and adjusts the volume automatically. It also filters out some background noise-the worst enemy of anyone suffering a hearing loss.


Beltone’s micro-Invisa is virtually invisible in the user’s ear canal.


Because it sits in your ear canal, keeping the unit clean is important. The unit has a Nanoblock™ coating that repels dirt and moisture. Ever hear the high-pitched squeal that you get from some hearing aids? Not with the micro-Invisa. That’s because it uses a feedback eraser that keeps the unit quiet when objects get near it. It even has features that are a music lover’s dream. Its AFX Music Mode gives you a layered, true musical sound.

Whether you end up getting a completely in canal (Micro-CIC) hearing aid like the Micro-Invisa or a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, there’s no reason not to get help for a hearing loss. You might think you’re too young to need a hearing aid or too vain to try one, but one thing is for certain. You’ll want to experience the sounds of life, no matter what your age!

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