Hearing Loss May Cause Safety Hazards – Missing Warning Sounds

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Stop Hearing Loss from Making You Miss Warning Sounds

Tick Tock… When was the last time you heard the sound of the clock or the turn signal while driving your car? If it has been a while, you may be suffering from hearing loss, and you may be missing a lot of other noises that could signify safety hazards or intruders. There are many background noises that we learn to ignore if they are a part of our daily life, but when they are a new sound, they may call our attention to household appliances that are not working properly.

Car Problems Start with Noises

Will you be able to hear if your brakes squeak, or if your muffler has a hole in it? Your car is an important part of your independence, and more often than not the first clue that it needs to be repaired is a new noise. Depending on how long you have let your hearing loss get progressively worse, the sounds you miss may be pretty loud. If your car’s brakes fail, because you could not hear the noise they were making, it could cause a serious crash. Not being able to hear a smoke detector could be a matter of life or death. What seems like harmless hearing loss could become very serious.

Fire Alarms are a Serious Miss by the Hearing Impaired

Your ears may be your first line of defense when it comes to getting out of a burning building in plenty of time. Smoke alarms are loud, but hearing loss could cause them to be muffled enough that they are not so alarming. There are other types of smoke alarms for the hearing impaired, but they do not work as effectively for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. You can get bed shakers or pillow shakers and they work well for people with severe or complete hearing loss.

Home Alone and You Cannot Hear a Visitor or Intruder

The doorbell rings, the door creeks open, but is your visitor a friend or foe? If you cannot hear the visitors, or intruders that come into your home, you may be at risk for being robbed, or injured in a struggle that would be avoided if you had a keen sense of hearing. If you suffer from hearing loss, and leave it untreated, your home may be an easier target for burglary.

Invite Sounds Back Into Life with New Hearing Aids

If you are having hearing problems, you will not even notice the sounds that seem to fall out of your life. You have ignored them for so long, they just disappear one by one until you are missing pretty significant sounds. When you get hearing aids, you will notice a huge difference in the “quiet noises” returning to your life. Suddenly, the doorbell will ring again, and sounds like the clock ticking, or food being chewed might even overwhelm you until you learn to block it out again. You will also hear children’s voices and birds chirping, and enjoy your favorite music again. Many people notice that their own voice sounds different when their hearing is corrected by hearing devices. There are many other sounds that you will not even remember the true tone of until you hear them with a properly adjusted hearing aid. If you believe you are missing sounds that you should be hearing, Beltone of Iowa can help you find out if you have hearing loss or not. Call us today for a FREE Hearing Screening at one of our many locations.

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