Beltone manufacturers a wide variety of products that can help you hear better. Based on over 75 years of hearing aid manufacturing experience, our products are sure to solve your hearing loss problem.

Hearing Aid Styles

From invisible in the ear to full shell styles, Beltone manufactures your personal hearing aid in a style that helps you hear better and fits your lifestyle.

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Invisible-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid Style

About the size of a raspberry, Beltone Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids are the instruments of choice for those who desire hearing help that can’t be seen. A Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) starts its life as an ear-impression of your ear canal. The impression is turned into a 3-D computerized rendering. From there, each hearing aid component is “virtually” positioned, in order to create the tiniest finished product possible. Then, your hearing aid is built, and delicately sculpted until it matches the contours of your ear canal. This hand-tailoring ensures a “made-for-you” shape, and a superior fit. It also permits the hearing aid to sit more deeply within your ear canal without sacrificing the clear and natural listening experience patients expect of a Beltone hearing aid.

Receiver-in-Ear Style

Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) hearing aids are the newest BTE style devices on the market, and the most popular. An RIE hearing aid is comprised of a very small casing that sits behind the ear. The casing houses all of the electronic components of the hearing aid except for the receiver. This allows the casing to be extremely tiny, so it’s barely visible. A narrow transparent tube carries very thin wires from the casing to the receiver, which rests in your ear canal. RIE hearing aids offer exceptionally natural sound quality, and can be used with custom-made or standard ear molds, depending on your individual amplification needs. Almost all types of hearing loss can be assisted with RIE style hearing aids.

Traditional Behind-the-Ear Style

Easy-to-wear BTE devices are small, and feature a curved casing designed to nestle comfortably behind the ear. By matching flesh tone or hair color, they hide with ease. A transparent tube connects the device to a custom-created ear mold worn in your ear canal. Ear molds are lightweight and comfortable, making BTE hearing aids easy to wear all day. BTE style hearing aids can be used by just about everyone. They assist the entire spectrum of hearing loss, from mild to severe. Additionally, they are budget friendly, and adapt to most lifestyles.

Mini Behind-the-Ear Style

The Mini BTE style hearing aid is a smaller version of the traditional BTE instrument. It features a nearly invisible tube connecting the casing to either a custom-made ear mold, or an “open” ear dome. An open ear dome has small openings built into it and provides an “open fit.” The benefits of an open fit are more natural sound perception and extra airflow due to the apertures in the ear dome. Mini BTE hearing aids are great candidates for an open fit. Because mini BTE hearing aids are so small, they provide enhanced aesthetics. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your hair color or skin tone.

Microphone-in-Concha Style

Designed to “disappear” from view and provide extremely natural sound, the MIC style hearing aid represents the latest innovation in “custom” hearing aid technology. The main part of an MIC hearing aid hides in your ear canal. This piece is custom-manufactured based on an ear canal impression taken during your visit, so it’s very comfortable. The hearing aid microphone is a separate component, and is worn within the concha, or curved groove, of your external ear—where it stays out of sight. A tiny transparent tube sends sound from the microphone in your concha to the component in your ear canal. The ingenious construction of the MIC style hearing aid takes advantage of the ear’s anatomy to provide near-to-natural sound quality, and outstanding appearance. By placing the microphone in the curved portion of your ear, it’s protected from wind noise. This makes the MIC style perfect for active individuals who spend time outdoors.

Completely-in-Canal Style

Another “tiny” offering, the CIC style hearing aid style is worn completely within the ear canal. Being a custom-crafted hearing aid, your Beltone Hearing Care Professional will take an ear canal impression to give your hearing aid a perfectly tailored fit. This ensures maximum comfort and sound quality. CIC style hearing aids are most effective when treating mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Hearing aid wearers love them as they provide the benefit of improved hearing, with no one the wiser.

In-the-Canal Style

ITC-style hearing aids are custom-made, based on an impression taken of your ear canal and the surrounding area. They are slightly larger than completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids, but still considered cosmetically appealing. All of the components in an ITC hearing aid are encased within a lightweight plastic shell. Their medium size makes them a great choice for push button controls. ITC hearing aids offer a secure fit, easy insertion and removal, and longer battery life. They work best for mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Also popular is the Mini ITC style hearing aid. This option is less noticeable than the standard ITC hearing aid, but offers fewer easy-to-reach controls.

Full-Shell Style

Full-Shell style hearing devices partially-to-fully fill the outer ear. They are custom manufactured to fit securely, and be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. All components reside within a lightweight plastic shell which is simple to insert and remove. Their bigger size accommodates a variety of feature options, including special controls that are easy to adjust. Full-Shell style hearing aids use larger batteries which can power a bigger receiver. This makes them a superb choice for more serious hearing losses. Larger batteries also last longer, and are more “user-friendly” to handle.


Beltone Legend

The Beltone Legend™ comes in several popular behind-the-ear varieties, as well as custom in the ear models, making it our most popular line of hearing aids today.

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We are pleased to announce that the Beltone Legend has won another award!!!

The Beltone Legend 17 (custom) has been named the Silver Stevie Award winner (in the health & pharmaceutical – products category).


The Stevie® Awards are the world’s premier business awards.  They were created in 2002 to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide.  In short order, the Stevie has become one of the world’s most coveted prizes.


After 75 years of successfully helping people hear better, our Beltone innovation team has done it again!

We’ve taken personalized hearing to the next level by combining the latest technology and packaging it into our newest hearing aid – the Beltone Legend™.



“Beltone Legend demonstrates our ongoing commitment to put the latest science and technology into service for the hearing impaired,” said Beltone President Todd Murray.

The Beltone Legend hearing aid uses a combination of Crosslink Directionality™ and Personal Sound ID™ to help you hear more naturally. This is accomplished by mimicking the natural sound level differences between your ears and helping identify where sounds originate.

What is Crosslink Directionality and Personal Sound ID?

These ground-breaking technologies are what make the Beltone Legend the most advanced and versatile hearing aid available today.

  • CrossLink Directionality – enhances sound quality by monitoring the sound environment and automatically selecting the most natural speech focus settings
  • Personal Sound ID – mimics the natural sound level difference between your ears, which helps users identify where sounds originate

Beltone Legend – Your Perfect Match

Every person is unique and so is their hearing – precisely why the Beltone Legend may be your perfect match. No other hearing aid gives you as many options to fit your lifestyle.

  • Protection from sweat, dust and water
  • Built-in wind noise reduction
  • Discretion – designed to fit your ear and is virtually invisible
  • Comes in a variety of models to fit your lifestyle

“We are thrilled to introduce revolutionary technology that can help people hear better in any environment,” said John Cariola, Beltone Director of Product Marketing. “Beltone Legend represents our focused effort to develop innovative features that help people take greater control of their hearing.”

Beltone Legend is Made for Mobile

The Beltone Legend in combination with HearPlus™ allows users to answer and talk on the phone, listen to music, watch videos or make FaceTime calls wirelessly through their hearing aids. The app also makes it possible to control hearing aid volume, presets and check battery life directly from iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and Android devices. Learn more about HearPlus and download the app here.

Beltone Legend and the Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch brings a whole new mobile player to the table and the Beltone HearPlus app is available for download on the Apple Watch! The HearPlus app is compatible with the Beltone Legend, giving users yet another way to customize their very own sound right from their wrist! The app is available as of April 24th, 2015. Learn more about the Beltone Legend and how it can help YOU hear better!

Apple, the Apple logo and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.


Beltone Ally

The Beltone Ally™ comes in several popular behind-the-ear varieties, as well as custom in the ear models, making it an excellent choice for hearing aids today.

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Beltone Ally—Reliable, Like a Good Friend

Advanced, but easy to handle

Welcome back to better hearing and better life quality. A life where socializing with friends and family—or just watching TV – is rewarding, relaxed and stress-free. Beltone Ally includes advanced, easy-to-use features never before seen in this class of hearing aids. With Beltone Ally, you will stay in the conversation, even if the party gets a bit loud. The Sound Cleaner feature helps reduce background noise. Speech Spotter lets Beltone Ally adapt to where sound is coming from, so you can follow the conversation better. When you’re with friends or loved ones, Beltone Ally will help you hear the precious moments you might be missing. And, when you hug somebody, you won’t experience any annoying whistling sounds, thanks to the Whistle Stop and Feedback Eraser features of your Beltone Ally.

There’s an Ally for you

Beltone Ally comes in a variety of discreet, cosmetic models and colors, so you can easily find a model that suits you.

Beltone Ally hearing aid lineup

With Beltone Ally, you can do all the things you love in life with confidence. If you like outdoor activities, you can be sure that moisture from sweat or rain is nothing to worry about – Beltone Ally’s special HPF80 NanoBlock™ coating can handle it. Learn more about HPF80 NanoBlock coating

Stream sounds from anywhere with Ally 3

With a direct wireless connection to your Ally 3 hearing aids, it’s simple and convenient for you to hear your TV and stereo directly through your hearing aids, just like headphones – without the inconvenience of cables, a relay device or a connector around your neck.

Beltone direct wireless accessories

Beltone Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL™)

* Now you can choose just what you want to listen to by placing a small, wireless microphone close to the source of the sound you want to hear – even at a distance. Beltone Direct Phone Link 2* Hear phone conversations in your hearing aids and use your phone hands-free. Beltone Direct TV Link 2* Stream sounds from your TV directly to your hearing aids. Just set the volume to your own comfortable level and nobody will notice.

Beltone Direct Remote Control 2

This easy-to-use device allows you to adjust hearing aid settings and the volume you hear from your TV or stereo. Read more about Direct Line Wireless Accessories

*Ally 3 only.

SmartRemote app

Use your iPhone® or Android® phone to easily and discreetly control your hearing aids and adjust volume and programs remotely. All you need is the Direct Phone Link 2. Download SmartRemote app from the App Store or Google Play today, and get even more from your Beltone hearing aids. Beltone wireless-enabled hearing aids are required to use this app.

Download on the App Store

Beltone HearPlus App

Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google, Inc.



Small is cute. Tiny is beautiful. The Beltone micro-Invisa™ offers magnificent sound in a miniature package. It hides within your ear canal.

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Small is cute. Tiny is beautiful.

The Beltone micro-Invisa™ offers magnificent sound in a miniature package.
It hides within your ear canal.

Hand-crafted for custom comfort.

Our expert artisans meticulously sculpt your instrument to match the exact contours of your ear anatomy. As with any custom-tailored product, the fit is superb. You get maximum comfort, stellar acoustics, and a top-of-the-line listening experience.

Designed to work like natural ears.

The Beltone micro-Invisa uses our most advanced digital processing chip for superior sound quality. It features Smart Gain Pro—a state-of-the-art technology that analyzes your surroundings, then automatically adjusts the volume accordingly. You touch nothing. Sound Cleaner Pro reduces background noise to help you hear exactly what you want to hear.



Small size, big benefits:

Natural Ear Directionality – Because nothing blocks the ear canal opening, sound is gathered and transmitted as nature intended. You’ll enjoy a highly natural listening experience.

HPF80 NanoBlock™ – Protects your hearing aids, inside and out. NanoBlock coating repels moisture and dirt — giving you peak performance over time.

Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop – Unlike some hearing instruments, the Beltone micro-Invisa stays quiet when objects come close to it.

AFX Music Mode – Love music? Wait until you listen in AFX Music Mode.
This special setting delivers a robust musical experience that’s layered and true sounding.


Direct Line Accessories

Hearing aid wearers can now receive crystal clear sound from the TV, PC, stereo, phone, and other audio sources, without wearing a relay device.

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Beltone Direct Line Accessories

The New Way to Hear TV, Phone, PC and More! Hearing aid wearers can now receive crystal clear sound from the TV, PC, stereo, phone, and other audio sources, without wearing a relay device. The Best Wireless System for Hearing Aids By pairing your hearing aids with Beltone Direct Line Accessories, you’ll enjoy a level of freedom never before achieved. For example, when you watch TV or listen to your stereo, the sound streams right into your hearing aids. You can adjust the volume to a comfortable level for you, without affecting what other hear. And, you can easily walk around the room and converse with companions—and still clearly hear your audio.

Beltone Direct Phone Link  – Hands free calling is just the beginning

Small and lightweight, Beltone Direct Phone Link  is the only device to access 2.4 GHz technology for a secure connection from Bluetooth® phones directly to your hearing aids. Speak hands-free, and enjoy crisp, clear conversation. Your phone can even stay put away in your purse or pocket. Direct Phone Link  also serves as a remote control to change your environmental programs and adjust volume. It connects to two different phones. And, the mute button eliminates background noise when you’re conversing in loud surroundings.

Beltone Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL)

Our newest Direct Line accessory, Beltone myPAL helps you hear exactly want you want to hear in noisy environments like restaurants, lectures, or meetings. A small, portable accessory, myPAL can be worn by someone you want to hear. MyPal picks up and streams their voice into your hearing aids, in virtual real time. Beltone MyPAL can also be placed in front of a device, such as the television at a friend’s house, to stream sound directly into your hearing aids. Plus, myPAL can be connected to your PC, iPAD, or MP3 player, to stream sound to your hearing aids. So, no matter where you go, you won’t miss a moment.

Beltone Direct Line TV Link – Entertainment at Your Own Personal Volume

Beltone Direct TV Link is the first direct-to-the-ear way to watch TV, whether you’re alone or with others. Direct TV Link streams high-quality stereo sound from television, stereo and PC right into your hearing aids, without the need for a relay device or neck-loop. Enjoy the freedom to move about the room as you please. And, it’s easy to converse with others, and still hear sound from your media devices.

Beltone Direct Remote Control – Total Control, When and Where It’s Needed

Beltone Direct Remote Control is a handheld device that lets you easily change sound volume and hearing aid programs. Its big screen and simple controls make it fast to start and adjust the volume on your TV, stereo and computer. And, you can make adjustments wherever you go. It’s simple to see volume level, battery status and which program is in use.


Hearing Aid Batteries

Beltone hearing aid batteries are manufactured at the highest quality possible to provide superior performance for your Beltone hearing aids.

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Mercury-free Beltone batteries

Beltone hearing aid batteries offer quality, reliability and longer life over most other brands—and they’re mercury-free! Use only fresh Beltone zinc-air batteries and you’ll always get maximum performance from your hearing aids. Plus, Beltone batteries are available in any size you may need. Beltone hearing aid batteries come in convenient 4-packs, 6-packs and 8-packs. Buy your batteries from someone who knows what’s best for your hearing aids—your local Beltone Hearing Care Practitioner. It’s your best source for the freshest Beltone batteries!

Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

No hearing aid battery offers longer life

Beltone batteries are tested after manufacturing and tested again prior to packaging. This ensures your batteries are consistently fresh and properly sized for your Beltone hearing aids. Also, Beltone batteries are made using precision standards that help prevent small variations in size and shape that can bend battery contacts and cause hearing aid intermittence. Remember, for superior performance, use only Beltone brand batteries in your Beltone hearing aids.

Click here to check out this video to learn more about helping your batteries last longer.


HPF80 NanoBlock Technology

A special feature of all Beltone hearing aids is the HPF80 NanoBlock™ coating that repels moisture and debris to lower the maintenance and extend the life of your hearing aids.

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Now there are hearing instruments that help protect themselves

Utilizing the latest in nano engineered protection, Beltone hearing instruments are treated with our HPF80 NanoBlock protective coating. This is the same technology that Nike® and Adidas® use to protect their athletic gear and many major electronics firms use to protect their mobile phones and MP3 players from the harmful effects of the everyday environment. Beltone’s HPF80 NanoBlock coating safeguards the entire hearing instrument from dirt, moisture, changes in temperature and humidity, earwax and skin oils. Elements that can, over time, damage your hearing instruments’ circuitry and delicate components. This, in turn, helps reduce both the need for and the additional cost of professional cleaning and repairs, giving you more time to hear and enjoy the world around you. How does HPF80 NanoBlock work? Just like sunblock provides your skin with an invisible layer of protection from harmful UV radiation, Beltone’s HPF80 NanoBlock coating actually helps repel harmful moisture and particulates. This coating is molecularly bound to the entire hearing instrument at a nanoscopic level so the two become inseparable. In fact, this layer of protection is a thousand times thinner than a human hair, making it completely invisible to the naked eye. In other words, Beltone’s HPF80 NanoBlock technology coats and protects your hearing instruments—inside and out. How will HPF80 NanoBlock benefit you? First and foremost, our HPF80 NanoBlock coating helps you protect your investment, because you’ll spend less time maintaining and cleaning your hearing instruments and more time enjoying them. Plus, you won’t have to worry about working up a little sweat. With Beltone’s HPF80 NanoBlock, sweat and moisture bead right off and dirt, dust and earwax can be simply wiped away. So, caring for your hearing aids is easier than ever. At Beltone, we’ve been committed to advancing the science of hearing care since 1940. It’s why we’re responsible for so many breakthroughs in design, performance and comfort.