Protecting Your Ears From Winter Temps

For many Iowans, winter is a time to layer clothing and hunker down until spring. But, winter can cause hearing issues if you don’t take precautions.


Preventative measures are important.

Whether you’re making a mad dash from your car to the office or shoveling the driveway, these tips will help both your ears and your hearing.


  • Hats and earmuffs aren’t just an option. Besides protecting the tips of your ears from frostbite, they can prevent ear damage known as exostosis. This is when extreme cold causes knobs to grow on the bone around your ear canal. Eventually, it can lead to blockage, pain, infection and hearing loss.


  • Be aware of sounds related to winter that can damage your hearing. Snow blowers are an efficient way to clear driveways and sidewalks. But they’re loud, too—100+ decibels. And that’s enough to cause permanent damage. Wear protective headphones that fit over your ears.


  • Keep hearing aids dry. If you wear a hat or earmuffs for an extended period of time, you sweat and that can expose your ear canals and hearing aids to moisture. Moisture can damage hearing aids and it can shorten battery life, too. Make sure you take the batteries out at night and put your hearing aid in a dry case.


  • And remember, Beltone hearing aids have HPF80 NanoBlock™ Technology. It’s a coating that repels moisture and dust-something to consider when seeking out hearing aids.


  • Hearing loss can make you a little less steady on your feet. Did you know a Johns Hopkins University study concluded that people with hearing loss are three times more likely to suffer a bad fall? That can make you more vulnerable on snow and ice. Take a route that has handrails or at least something you can use to support yourself. Better yet, avoid icy patches altogether. If ice is inevitable, wear a good pair of snow boots that will help keep you on your feet.


If You Suspect Hearing Loss

Despite taking care of your ears, hearing loss can happen. If you feel you might have suffered hearing loss, call Beltone of Iowa today, to schedule a time for a free hearing screening.


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