Protecting Your Hearing Aids

Protecting your hearing aids and spring break might not be two terms you expect to see in the same sentence. But, college students aren’t the only ones who love to get outside in the spring. Lots of baby boomers make their way to Florida or Arizona for a break from winter. Others, like snowbirds, are still spending the waning days of winter in their favorite warm hangouts.

Depending on where you go for spring warmth, your hearing aids might need some extra attention.

Dry Heat, Dust Can Damage Hearing Aids

If spring time in Florida isn’t your thing, you might be headed for Arizona, a popular state for major league spring training games. While sand and surf won’t be a problem, heat, dust and sweat could be.

  • You’ve heard the term “dry heat,” in a positive way. But extreme temperatures, even dry, can damage hearing aids. Protecting hearing aids in this type of climate, means putting them in protective cases when you’re not wearing them and keeping them in a cool place, not in the sun or a hot car.
  • You probably already know that moisture can damage hearing aids any time of the year. But if you’re spending time in the heat watching baseball or golfing, perspiration can become an issue. Nylon hearing aid sleeves can whisk away moisture.
  • Along with moisture can come battery corrosion. Besides periodically checking the batteries for rust or corrosion, it’s a good idea to have your provider, like Beltone, clean the device.

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Protecting Your Hearing Aids at the Beach

If you head in the other direction to Florida or other beach states, there are different things to keep in mind.

  • Squishing sand between your toes or letting a grandkid bury you in the sand is a lot of fun. But not if sand gets into the tubing or microphone of the hearing aid. In fact, that can cause permanent damage.
  • Beach cities tend to be humid and like any moisture, that can cause issues for hearing aids. The problem is compounded if you’re going back and forth between air conditioning and a humid outdoor environment.

If you have concerns that your hearing aids might have suffered from heat or humidity, it’s best to seek out a professional. Beltone of Iowa has over 100 years of combined experience. Call them at 800-999-1391 for assistance

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