Your Hearing and Diabetes

Diabetes and Hearing Loss

With diabetes on the rise in the U.S., regular tests for hearing loss need to be part of every diabetic’s health strategy. Studies by The Better Hearing Institute find that people with diabetes are twice as likely to develop some level of hearing loss. You can get your FREE hearing screening scheduled at Beltone of Iowa in Cedar Rapids. We also have 19 locations throughout eastern Iowa and two in Wisconsin.

November is traditionally American Diabetes Month, but awareness is important year round. With 9% of Americans (and rising) now suffering from diabetes, being aware of related issues is more important than ever.

Hearing Loss Affects Young Diabetics, Too

The plight of young diabetics has long been the heartbreak of parents. Besides other well-known complications, measurable hearing loss in young diabetics has been documented as early as the teen years. Some research indicates younger patients suffer from hearing loss at a higher rate than adults. That makes a comprehensive hearing test by a professional that much more important.

Stay Ahead of Hearing Loss

Here are 5 great ways to keep on top of possible hearing loss if you’re diabetic.

1.)  Get a yearly hearing exam. It just makes sense, especially if you know you’re at risk. If you notice a change in your hearing in certain instances, like in crowds or on the phone, get a hearing exam even sooner. Take our online hearing test on the Beltone website to confirm your concerns.

2.) Use hearing aids if they are recommended by a hearing care professional. If you’ve got them, use them. If you need them, get them. Hearing aids are not the bulky technology of yesteryear. Like most things electronic, they get smaller and better. And now, with Beltone Direct Line products, you can hear clear sound through your smartphone and other devices without a relay system. After all, you don’t want to miss out on the important sounds of life such as the laughter of a child or listening to music.

3.) Keep your blood sugar under control – this is a fundamental in managing diabetes. But did you know it’s been shown to have a direct impact on hearing loss? According to Scientific Insights, that’s because the vascular system and nerves impacted by diabetes play important roles in hearing functions.

4.) Maintain a healthy lifestyle. We should all do this. But, for a diabetic, proper diet and exercise are even more important.

5.) Use ear protection around noisy equipment – Diabetic or not, there’s no question that exposure to loud noises over time can cause hearing loss. So before you use the leaf blower in the fall or snow blower in winter, put on protective headphones.

Get Your Hearing Tested Today!

Whether it’s American Diabetes Month or another month, take care of one of your most precious assets: your hearing. Come to Beltone of Iowa for a FREE hearing screening, and get a baseline hearing test to see if further help is needed.

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